Thursday, 9 June 2016


Why dont you guys become an Expanse (or Ethereum) asset?

something like Expanse or Ethereum might serve single-purpose decentralized organizations or gambling and the like, but that doesnt serve the vision we have for the SOILcoin project, or why its an absolutely necessary expression of using a Turing complete, programmatic blockchain.

SOILcoin is built as a smart contract delivery platform, as is EXP or ETH. except with specifically targeted sets of under-served industries that are on the breakout point of future IoT technological innovation and usage, expanding automation of systems from sensors to driverless tractors.... IF SOILcoin was merely a representative sort of currency, existence as a token would be ok, but our sole purpose is to build and deliver a full suite of dApps targeted towards renewable energy and environmentalism, towards automated agriculture and farm management, towards distributed scientific computational needs, towards open and accessible expert knowledge databases for agricultural practices.... we are building a brand, where SOIL may become synonymous with environmental responsibility, with climate prediction, with modern precision agricultural methods.

we NEED a specific and autonomous programmatic blockchain to build this, and this is also why we didnt simply build SOILcoin as a decentralized organization on Ethereum, as well. we are building a framework of applications towards the goal of providing targeted services. we view SOIL as the fuel behind these projects (much as ether is the gas running the applications on ETH) and as the framework upon which to build a special-purpose network. SOILcoin is the base layer upon which everything else will reside.

having some control over how the underlying framework is built is very important when building out a project like this, and we have so many directions that we are working on presently, confining ourselves as a DAO on another blockchain makes zero sense. SOILcoin will be built to serve many aspects of industry, and will do so in an interoperable way. to provide this, we have to be able to ensure that the platforms we offer have a solid base that they built out from, with control over the distribution curve to prevent absolute deflation in valuation, and to ensure that the guiding principles of the SOILcoin team are kept at the forefront of every project.

things such as SOIL-ex, our asset exchange, while not yet a fully operational altcoin market in the sense of what online exchanges can provide, still allows dApp developers who will use an appCoin to fuel their platform a currently available service upon which to list their asset in a decentralized peer-to-peer exchange process.  this is a major first step. other projects in the near future roadmap:
 - a decentralized marketplace
... distributed scientific computing on
... a precious metals backed commodity
 ... a pedigree registration dApp
 ... an agricultural provenance application
... a carbon-offset program

- these are the foundations that further dApps will leverage. each project that we choose to port towards SOILnet residency and functionality takes into consideration the possible needs of the industries that we have chosen to serve.

i have nothing against Expanse, although im still  unclear about their overall vision. they have a talented team of developers over there, and they have their own projects they are woring on. i have my own road to follow, with clear set directions for implementations. i think having more than one functional ETH-parallel blockchain is absolutely necessary to ensure the innovation of how we can interact with them.

I continue to watch news and communities for Shift (SHF) and Krypton (KR), as well, because we share a common "programmability" and I feel pegged cross-chaining and interaction between protocols (i.e.: one chain holding light client of the other and vice versa  to ensure onchain and offchain transactions seamlessly) communicating with a common programming contract language..


where Microsoft and IBM are featuring blockchain as a service nodes reflecting ETH and EXP, i have questions about the erosion of decentralization, of pseudonymity. there will come ETH-parallel blockchains that are accessible on the front end via the TOR-network only, or via another ETH-parallel, but different needs will require smaller networks and lighter blockchains.

i dont like comparing apples to oranges, and while EXP and SOIL are vigorously different platforms, albeit operating with the exact same underlying protocols, our roads forward are very divergent; in the end i think that SOILcoin, operating as an sovereign blockchain offers greater advantages than ever becoming a simple asset on an incompatible blockchain that doesnt possess the strong philanthropic and responsible vision of SOIL. i wont measure our success against EXP, or any other currency. i think the merits of what we HAVE produced so far should stand on their own, as should the applications we release as part of the SOILcoin network.

i dont worry about our valuation as it sits right now. nor do i worry about how our valuation matches up with those of other ETH-parallel currencies. MANY cryptocurrency investors dont practice due-diligence regarding the altcoins they speculate in, and will simply follow the volume being traded rather than the developments being done. SOILcoin will always remain autonomous, and our very very small development core will consistently work towards bringing forward dApps that will have practical use for the future of SOILcoin. SOIL's value will increase, of that i have no worry. but id rather it be on the back of what we have already built and the competency of our development team to produce further practical applications built towards our end-user industries than having it increase thanks to flashy graphics and vaguely worded promises.

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